Stewartville Public Schools
Social Studies

2014-2015 District Social Studies Curriculum Committee Members:
Matt Harvey, Eileen Weinhold, Kenna Krediermacher, Tony Nelson,  Curt Hughes, Teri Simmons,  Todd Johnson, Sheila McNeill

Goal: Stewartville Public Schools strives to establish a strategic and comprehensive social studies curriculum for our students. We assist in building disciplinary knowledge and skills in our students, while preparing them to be responsible citizens in our community and world.  
Curriculum Overview
Kindergarten-3rd Grade: All classrooms use the Social Studies Weekly curriculum, in a magazine-style format and designed to be used both in school and at home. The consumable curriculum is aligned with new MN Sate Standards.

4th and 5th Grade: 4th and 5th grade classes use the Houghton-Mifflin curriculum. 4th grade studies focus on the regions of the United States. 5th grade studies focus on the early history of the U.S. including exploration and the Revolutionary War. Students study the earliest efforts to form a nation, a government, and a working economic system.

6th Grade: Social Studies classes, taught by Mr. Curt Hughes, focus on Minnesota History, using the newest Northern Lights curriculum. Sixth graders also participate in the History Day competition.

7th Grade: This US History class is taught by Ms. Teri Simmons and focuses on United Sates history from 1800-present. Ms. Simmons has done an excellent job of using a wide variety of resources to create a meaningful and relevant curriculum for students.

8th Grade: This class focuses on global studies, with a heavy emphasis on geography. New Minnesota State Standards dictate that that students will study the geography of the world's regions and contemporary world history.



* The Minnesota State Legislature recently adopted new State Standards for Social Studies, K-12. This action required our district to closely examine the new standards, make adjustments to the courses we offer at the high school level, and to implement new social studies curriculum.
New for 2013-2014 at the high school level:

World History: This new Glencoe curriculum has a strong digital component, and students are able to interact with their teachers and classmates via a learning management system (LMS) built directly into the curriculum.

Economics: This new curriculum continues to be taught by Ms. Susan Grant and Ms. Sherry Thompson, and is a semester-long course.

Challenge Sociology: This new curriculum is also taught by Ms. Susan Grant.

Human Geography: Mr. Kelly Manley continues to teach this course, using Pearson's newest Human Geography text.

In the next two years, curriculum will also be replaced and updated in the US/American History, Political Science and Psychology classes.