Stewartville Public Schools
Technology & Digital Citizenship

2014-2015 District Technology & Digital Citizenship Curriculum Committee Members:
Jeff Johnson, Brittany Olson, Zane McInroy, Patty Nelson, Jim Parry, Mickie Tuseth, Sherry Thompson,  Katie Morlock, Renita Irvin, Vanessa Giles, Steve Gibbs, Sheila McNeill

Goal: Ensure that our students are equipped with the knowledge, tools and skills to be 21st Century learners and consumers in a global world
Throughout the 2012-2013 school year, the designated curriculum team designed and re-wrote new K-12 curriculum to reflect the fast-paced and ever-changing area of technology and digital citizenship. The new curriculum is directly tied to both student and teacher ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) standards. The updated new curriculum provides teaching staff with the framework to:

- understand ISTE standards, for both students and teachers
- establish and use a common technology vocabulary with our students
- research, explore, and use various web-based tools with students to enhance current core content curriculum
- provide teaching staff with a support system of tools and resources to effectively and efficiently integrate technology into classrooms

The committees stresses that digital citizenship and technology integration must be a priority for our schools. Digital citizenship principles should be taught at all levels K-12, and should be integrated into all subjects. We are all responsible for the teaching and integration of technology in our classrooms, and for providing equitable access to the many types of technological tools available.

Technology is dynamic. It is changing constantly, and what holds true today may change radically next year. As educators, we are called upon to be positive, open minded, and flexible agents of change.

As we educate our students to become users, consumers and citizens in a global market and economy, using best practices and current technology and resources ensures that we are preparing our students to be successful in the 21st century.